Thursday, May 13, 2010

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RAW this week was garbage to be honest. I did not like this show at all.
-This first seg ruined it for me. First Orton comes out and basically gave some stupid reason for not teaming with Edge. He then RKO'd Meat Loaf the singer. Then Edge came out and said Vickie Guerrero was the new GM. They get divorced and now are magically back together with no reason given or backstory behind it. Pointless crap here. Vickie gets nuclear heat.
-Jericho beat David Hart Smith in a good short match to earn a shot for Jericho and Miz at the PPV.
-R-Truth then came out with Flavor Flav. Flav annoys the crap out of me. I'm sorry but this guy is a no talent piece of crap that is annoying as hell. Regal was supposed to face Truth but the Colons gave him a Colonoscopy paid for by Ted Dibiase. More horribleness here, especially with Flav's "commentary."
-Evan Bourne beat Zack Ryder after Alicia Fox tried to help Ryder but Gail Kim stopped her. Another short match.
-Then came a pointless Batista/Sheamus Cena beatdown with Mark Henry making the save.
-Tyson Kidd beat Miz in an extremely short match with Bret Hart getting a title shot next week. What a horrible show this is.
-The NXT Roster won a pointless 8 on 4 match which was highlighted by Daniel Bryan FINALLY winning and the slow-mo entrance for Tatsu/Morrison/Goldust/Marella.
-Regal then rapped which was BY FAR the best thing on the show.
-Batista then beat up Henry and made him tap before their match even started. Yeah, more pointlessness here.
-Randy Orton beat Edge and Ted Dibiase after R-Truth created a distraction. Vickie then got scared by Stone Cold Randy Orton and resigned as GM. What a horrible ending to a crap show.

What the hell is going on this show? First they get rid of Daniel Bryan but luckily they save it by eliminating Michael Tarver. Then they get rid of Sheffield and now they're down to five after a show filled with lackluster matches. Wade Barrett is going to run away with this. This show is dying a slow, yet quick death. What a horrible piece of television this is. I can't wait for it to be over with. The only redeeming quality was that there were no stupid, idiotic, pointless, crappy challenges this week.

Descent 2:
Watched this and it's nowhere near as good as the original. The movie started off slow and then there was the weak surprise that completely ruins the entire first movie and makes it pointless. They never should've made a sequel. The creatures were more terrifying in the original too.

Now this was a great movie. Legion is about the angel Michael who has to protect someone from an army as the end times come. Great stuff overall here. Lots of action and lots of chaos.

This is another science fiction one set on a ship headed to a new Earth-like planet. Two of the pilots wake up and then one of them is sent out to find the ship's power source to reboot it. This then leads to him forming an alliance with two other humans against these weird, Descent-esque humanoid monstrosities. He then fights off the creatures using weapons with the help of his allies and a psychotic cook they meet along the way. Then they end up defending against someone who has Pandorum, which is basically like schizophrenia but caused by extended deep space travel. Fairlt good concept overall.

Jennifer's Body:
This movie is basically the modern horror version of The Faculty. It's about a demon chick who goes on a homicide spree. Fairly decent stuff and not too least compared to other similar movies.

Really, really good stuff this week. It focuses on the backstory of the Man in Black and Jacob, the two mysterious men who held power on the Island for years. Turns out the two are twins and their mother was murdered by an unnamed woman who raised them to believe that humanity was untrustworthy. After a vision of his real birth mother and the discovery of people on the island, the Man in Black joins them. They later are shown building a wheel underground to harness the energy that is underneath the island that Jacob and the Man in Black were raised to protect. Mother then KO's the MIB and then massacres the town. Jacob is then entrusted with protecting the light after being told that to enter there results in a fate far worse than death. MIB then kills mother, Jacob retaliates by KO'ing him and then throws him into the tunnel. Upon doing so, the smoke monster appears instead of his body and his body is found by Jacob shortly after before he places it next to his mother's body in the cave. Excellent stuff here.

The NCIS crew is searching for a serial killer who chopped off a marine's feet while Abby is sent to Mexico to teach a class using a cold case. She ends up doing a cold case where Gibbs is the killer. This has been hinted at in flashbacks all season and now it's finally going down. Great stuff here. Still waiting for Tony to hook up with Ziva.

NHL Playoffs:
MONTREAL CANADIENS BABY! First team EVER to beat both the defendin Stanley Cup Champions and the President's Trophy winners in consecutive playoff rounds. The Bruins are fading and the Flyers tie the series after being down 3-0. If the Flyers win, then it will be the first time a 7 and an 8 seed play in the NHL Conference Finals EVER. Great stuff out east.

My predictions for the conference finals -
West: Sharks over Blackhawks 4-2
East: Canadiens over Flyers/Bruins winner 4-3

NBA Playoffs:
LEBRON CHOKES AGAIN! The Cavs lose to the Celtics. Yeah, looks like it may be another Lakers/Celtics finals. However I have to predict that the Magic and Suns will win their series both at 4 games to 2.

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