Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Edgar Allan Poe's Admirer No Shows Again

Bomb at MLK Parade:
There was a bomb planted near a MLK Parade in Spokane, Washington. The fact that the parade and the location of where the bomb was found are both near a former Aryan Nation area of influence. The FBI is treating this as an act of domestic terrorism and I don't blame them. I keep saying stuff like this is going to happen and it keeps happening. There's too many nutcases and lunatics out there like whomever planted that bomb as well as Jared Loughner who shot Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords. If these nutcases don't knock it off then we're going to be a police state before you know it. The police and government are going to clamp down on this crap before history repeats itself. All of us law-abiding citizens are going to get screwed over because of a few nutcases. World, you can blame Al Queda and power hungry sociopaths or in some cases rebels for your issues. America, you can blame the failed mental health system and domestic terrorists (whether they be Islamic extremists, hate groups, environmental terrorist groups, etc.) for your issues. We're all getting screwed because of the nutjobs. I just wish the sane people would wise up and crack down on this crap before it's too late. Just a thought.

Poe's Mystery Admirer Doesn't Show up Again:
Well I think the tradition is dead and possibly the person behind it. There's no way that if the admirer was alive that he wouldn't be there to continue the tradition. Hopefully this is not the end since Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite authors. Anyway here's an article about it.

Finished my last class tonight. It was a little long but when I was daydreaming I had an epiphany about writing a novel. I wrote one a long time ago back when I didn't know what the hell I was doing but this one is going to be a little different. Flooded with ideas. Should be good. I'll get around to it eventually. However my classes were fairly interesting and the scenery was nice. There's this girl from Poland in my night class that's gorgeous. Hell, there's at least four to six hot chicks in all of my classes plus there's this hot blonde Russian teaching my M-W class. This semester officially rules. Got a few assignments do and a lot of quizzes to do but it shouldn't be too hard. Luckily all of my classes are condensed to being on Monday through Wednesday. Just need to get a job now. Hopefully I can get in at the UNLV Preschool. It was nice seeing Maria again. Anyway that's all for now.

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