Friday, January 7, 2011

Incendiary Packages

Incendiary Packages:
There seem to be some domestic anarchist idiots out there who seem to think that sending packages to government buildings and now apparently sending one to the office of Janet Napolitano that ignited in a DC mail facility. This is just like what happened in Greece and Italy back in December. Judging by how bad the writing was in the letter that accompanied the first two packages, I'd say that one anarchist is behind this. All they're doing is trying to create chaos. That's the difference between anarchists and terrorists. Terrorists cause terror, anarchists cause anarchy. Both, however, cause chaos. That's all these people want and they do their job well. I look at it like it's the movie Dark Knight. The Joker figured out that when everything doesn't go accroding to a set plan, everything turns to chaos. That's what is going to happen if any more of these packages and letters are found. If there are more then we've got a wanna-be Unabomber on our hands.

The fact is that this is a deliberately done attack on the government by a person or persons that needs to be dealt with swiftly. We need to make an example of the people who are doing this to deter these anarchist and psychotic, sociopathic extremists from doing things like this. First we had the potential baggage bombs a few months back and now this. It's time to draw a line in the sand and go after the people who are behind this. That's what needs to happen otherwise it's just going to continue and continue until there's no stopping it.

Anyway, here's the CNN news story about the latest incident:

Sick Freaks:
Now we have sick people raping and sexually assaulting mentally challenged people in California. What the hell is going on with society now days? I mean this is WAY over the line. Stuff like this is why this country is going down the toilet. We've got sickos like these all over the place and it's just gotten to a point where something has to be done. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a United States Police Force like in the movie 'Escape from New York' or a 'Big Brother' type police state in the near future. Crime is down in this country due to the recession but these types of things are still happening. Clamping down on the idiots who continue to do thinks like this and sending in mail bombs is a priority. Time to put a clamp down on the idiocy that is taking over and get rid of the swine that making this country look like a joke.

Look at the pictures in the link. If you know those men call the hotline number in the bottom of the article:

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