Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dark Sky Movement

Dark Sky Movement:
The Dark Sky communities movement is a movement that has formed to create places with no light pollution. With as little light pollution as possible the stars in the sky are easier to see. The Channel Island of Sark is now the Mecca of this movement. Since there are no lights and no public lighting of any kind Sark is the perfect place for the movement to gaze at the stars. The International Dark-Sky Movement is the governing body for the movement and gives designations for places that get to be named as dark-sky communities. The education about hazards of artificial light is something that they are working at educating people about according to the group's website. A link to the movement's website is located in the related article on this subject.

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54 Potentially Life-Friendly Planets Found:
The Kepler spacecraft launched in 2009 has found 54 potentially life-friendly planets since its journey began. This is a good sign for finding signs of life outside of our solar system which is something that interests me greatly. The exoplanets that are being found are all similar distances from the closest stars and are similar in size to Earth. The Kepler 11 solar system is the one that is most interesting due to the planetary placements in that solar system. Also they are all packed closely together which is to say they are the closest of any planet groups in the known universe. This will be a story I'll continue to follow if any news comes out about more planets.

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Chernobyl in Pictures:
Here are some amazing pictures from inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor which is the most dangerous place on the planet due to the radiation levels from the reactor meltdown.

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