Tuesday, February 22, 2011

North Africa and Middle East Protests, Part 1

North Africa and Middle East Protests:
The region of the Middle East and North Africa is still in complete chaos due to the massive amount of protests. The countries where there is unrest are Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Djibouti, Kuwait, Syria, and Palestine. Here's the update on each country. Algeria ended the state of emergency that has been around since 1992. In Bahrain the government urged the opposition to have an open dialogue with them. More protests are planned here. In Egypt, the British are allowing their people to travel there due to the chaos being over. Meanwhile the Egyptian military is securing the border to Libya because of the protests and unrest going on there. Libya is the country with the most chaos. Leader Moammar Gadhafi went on television and gave a very bizarre speech where he said he would die a "martyr" instead of stepping down like a coward. Protesters are being shot at by the military in some places while in others the opposition has control most notably in the eastern part of the country. In Sudan the president has said that he will not run for office again in 2015. He has been in charge since 1989. He is also the man behind the genocide in Darfur. The government is using brutal force against any dissenters. There are still protests in Yemen and the president said he will not step down. Here are some related links that are good reads.

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