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Earthquake Review

Earthquake Review:
Going by the events going on in the world I've decided to review the movie Earthquake (1974) starring Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedt, Lorne Greene, and Richard Roundtree. Let the running commentary of doom begin.
Running commentary -
Starts off with Heston jogging with the Hollywood sign in the background.
"GOD DAMMIT!" lmfao his wife yells this at him the moment he's inside working out
His wife is suspicious of his friend's widow. He's now making sarcastic comments as she berates him, lol. I love this character.
After showering he finds her on the bed drugged out of her mind.
There's a small tremor as he calls for help. She springs to life.
At the Dam an elevator opens and a dead worker pops out along with a lot of water.
Oooooo...a police chase scene. Police officer Kennedy is driving like a maniac to catch a speeder. Speeder's car crashes into brush and the county officer wont let him chase after him. After the other officer mocks him Kennedy gets mad and punches the guy, lol. This character is good too.
The widow is a young brunette who's an actress. Great. Another movie with a pointless love triangle in it.
She has a ten o'clock appointment.
Kennedy is getting chastised for what he did. He gives an explanation for why he did it. The guy hit a Mexican girl and then he almost got away because some guy was mad about a hedge. I like this Lou cop character. He tells it like it is.
At the California Seismology Institute some young guy who's new thinks there's going to be a major earthquake either today or tomorrow. His boss looks at him like he's nuts.
OH NO! Dr. Adams was killed while in a ditch during a small tremor.
Why are there a lot of people walking around power lines in this scene? lol
COOL! A stunt bike driver character. His minion looks like the fifth Beatle, lol.
Some creepy sleazeball in the supermarket is trying to pick up some young woman. This is just like Vegas, lol.
Hari Krishna followers are singing outside of the supermarket and the creeper wants Lou to get them out of there but he says "You got something against religion?" and then blows him off. THIS CHARACTER RULES.
Now Lou's in the bar and drinking bourbon. This guy is GREAT. He's even drinking while in uniform, lol. WALTER MATHAU IS DRUNK! I LOVE THIS SCENE!
The young guy at the Seismology Institute predicts that there's going to be another pre-shock and then a large earthquake within 48 hours. His boss doesn't believe him because he's a graduate assistant. His boss still wants to check the figures.
His small tremor prediction happens. There's a brawl in the bar and Lou is just letting it happen as he talks to his partner. He's still completely ignoring it, LOL! His partner leaves and Lou finally grabs the bald guy and smashes him into the pool cues. This guy is single handedly saving this movie.
Now there's cracks in the dam. Water's also risen half an inch since the quake too.
The graduate assistant guy can't believe that they aren't going to warn people about the possibility of a big quake.
Heston CONVENIENTLY runs into the widow again and they go for a drink. His wife and her dad have a conversation about him possibily having an affair.
Lou's buddies with the stunt bike guy, his sleazy looking minion, and the woman. Lou lets the bald guy make him pay him. He then tries to get Lou to loan him ten bucks. Lou meets the minion's sister Rosa. Lou's checking out her breasts and gives him the ten bucks one dollar at a time as he stares at her chest, LMFAO. Every bar scene in this movie has been great.
Turns out Heston and the widow are having an affair.
Rosa walks out on the stunt cyclist and her brother. Then the creeper comes home after the National Guard is mobilized and is harassed by some douchebags outside of his apartment building. They harass him when leaving too. They make gay references about him.
He gets offered the top job in his company but decides to think about it before taking it.
His boss/father-in-law asks about the woman to her friend and Heston accepts his job.
Widow goes for a walk and all the dogs are acting crazy. Uh-oh. I think it's about to be on.
30 seconds later and it's Earthquake time.
Wild, complete chaos earthquake scene that lasts five minutes. Lots of deaths, injuries, falling debris, collapsing buildings, and explosions.
Eerie end scne for the quake. Looks a lot like a cross of Sendai yesterday with a little bit of 2012 thrown in.
Pretty realistic aftermath scene with people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I like it. This should be used for earthquake preparations.
Lou now taking action in the bar. Mathau: "What do you have to do to get a drink around here?" LOL All of this is going on and all he wants is a beer.
Heston now trying to help his boss/father-in-law get out along with everyone trapped in his office.
Dam's pressure wheel wont budge and was damaged but they fix it with a welding torch.
Stunt Biker and Minion save the widow and her son that fell.
Now Lou's all by himself with a crowd of people. He tells them to help themselves and most of the cops were killed inside of his station house. Guy looking at Lou not doing anything. Lou looks at him for a moment before yelling "MOVE YOUR ASS!" LMFAO
They hear a radio broadcast about where the emergency locations are at in the city.
Heston has to climb up and save his father-in-law who is the last man up there. Heston carries him down on his shoulder.
Lou makes Minion use his truck to carry the injured since it's the only working truck in the area and Stunt Man goes to find Rosa.
National Guard arrives and there's looters everywhere taking stuff. Rosa gets caught looting and arrested by a National Guardsman.
Heston and his wife arrive at Wilson Plaza and find out his father-in-law had a heart attack. Heston then goes to find the widow and her son.
Evacuation ordered for area near the dam. Lou is left all by himself with the injured people while everyone else runs for their lives.
Creeper now has Rosa and is bodyguarding/checking her out. Now they bring in the men who were harassing Creeper for looting. He then harasses them with gay references like they did to him. He threatens to shoot them. Says he was kidding as they run off and then shoots them when they come back. He's gone apeshit. I LOVE THIS!
Heston finds Lou and commandeers his truck to help him move the injured people. Heston and Lou get the injured out as well as a puppy Lou finds.
Widow finds her friend Barbara but Barbara wants to go upstairs for some air. Everyone acting like nothing happened. Mathau is there too and drunk dancing, lol.
Creeper arrives to give Rosa some food and he's trying to seduce her. He says he wants to open a karate school and give her free lessons. This guy has worse pick-up lines than me, lol. Now he wants her to take off her jacket and says that he can tell that she likes him. She tells him not to hurt her but then sweet talks him.
ANOTHER huge earthquake.
The whole building is crumbling down! People and debris are falling everywhere.
Heston tells Lou that the buildings are too high for the location.
Door out of line at the Dam. Now they're getting worried.
Creeper gives Rosa a necklace and says her brother could be dead and he can take care of her. Says she's got another brother in San Francisco. Creeper tells Lou and Heston to detour. Rosa yells at Lou to warn him about Creeper. She pleads with Lou not to leave and to help her. Rosa keeps screaming. Creeper's troops run off because he's nuts. Lou gets out and tells Heston to park on the corner.
Creeper now beating up Rosa and calling her a whore. Now trying to force himself on her. Lou shows up and tells Creeper to let her go but when he goes for his rifle Lou shoots him and saves Rosa.
Lou consoles Rosa by giving her the puppy he found. It works.
They hear on the radio about Wilson Plaza collapsing.
They find a crack and a leak at the Dam.
Lou and Heston go in to save the people who are trapped. Why is it these guys are the only two people doing anything? lol
Heston finds a place to jackhammer through and save the trapped people. Lou has to go with him. I like this team up.
The Hollywood Dam is now breaking and water is starting to spill out through the cracks.
Heston and Lou break through to find out there's about 70 people trapped.
A small aftershock happens as they help the people out and then the Dam breaks. Awesome visual there.
Heston and Lou are the last ones out. Water is now rushing through the streets of LA.
Water rushes in while they are escaping and Heston's wife gets her hand stepped on. She is rushed away and Heston goes to save her while looking up at the widow. He gets her and tries to get back to the ladder but they are rushed away. Lou is the last man out.
Rosa finds Lou and hugs him.
Doctor: "This used to be a helluva town, officer." Lou: "Yeah."
Visual at the end of the movie looks like an atomic bomb exploded there. Good ending.
Going to give this 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I like this as an educational movie about why earthquake proof buildings are needed and about what not to do. When someone says they think an earthquake is imminent you LISTEN TO THEM even if they are a graduate assistant. Really liked George Kennedy's Lou cop character. He did a great job in this movie and was my favorite character. Charlton Heston did a good job but he always does a good job in his movies. Heston and Kennedy teaming up was fun. The earthquake scenes were visually effective and give a good idea about what happens in an earthquake. Very accurate. I liked it a lot and given what is going on in the world it made even more of an impact than if I had watched it two months ago. Anyway I recommend if you are into disaster movies or want to get an idea about the destruction earthquakes can cause.

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