Monday, March 14, 2011

Jeff Hardy Update Post-Victory Road

Jeff Hardy Update:
Alright after Jeff Hardy showed up last night drugged out of his mind and ruined the main event of a pay-per-view his only punishment has been to be sent home from the TNA Impact tapings this week. THAT'S IT. If I were running TNA I would've gone out to the ring and fired him like Paul Heyman did to Sabu back in 1995 in ECW. Honestly they should've had a Triple Threat with RVD, Mr. Anderson, and Sting for the title instead of this garbage. TNA needs to do something about this. This guy is not fit to wrestle and yet they continue to put him in the ring no matter what as evidence by last night. TNA needs to suspend Hardy or put him through rehab. What happened last night was unacceptable. I also heard a theory about it possibly being a work from a few people. I honestly don't think it was. Hardy is a drug addict and will continue to be for a long time so I for one do not believe that this is a work. He's been in jail for selling drugs so none of this surprises me. What surprises me more is that they kept him in a main event program twice with this going on. Anyway I've attached the FULL match complete with him stumbling into the ring during his entrance at the bottom of his blog as well as the Wrestling Observer's update on what's going on.
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Jeff Hardy Update:
Full Video of Jeff Hardy vs. Sting match from Victory Road 2011:

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