Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Day After Review

The Day After

This is my review of the movie The Day After. I haven't seen it before but I've heard good things so I checked it out and this is my review.

Running Commentary -
Starts off on a military plane and a general arrives before they fly off after going through the intelligence reports.Various images of American society are shown throughout the opening credits. I like this a lot considering the subject matter of this movie.News reports about the Russian military build-up overseas and the Russians deny it saying it's a training build-up.Now all of a sudden there's a young couple arriving late at a wedding. The main characters seem to be the helicopter crew they keep showing.There's too many random sidestories in this movie. This reminds me of The Swarm.More news reports about the tensions between the United States and Russia.The East Germans are now revolting against the Soviets.So far I count six mini-storylines within the main story.News reports coming in about various arms build-ups and now Moscow is being evacuated. People are leaving Kansas City because of all the fear and paranoia about nuclear war too.STEVE GUTTENBERG!The Russians are now invading West Germany according to the news.The guys at the barber shop are having an excellent disccussion about the issue at hand. This is the first time anybody has talked about it.Uh-oh...emergency radio broadcast has come on. That's never a good sign.There's panic in the streets and everyone is raiding the supermarkets. This is madness.The guy in line with a portable radio tells the young guy the market that the Russians just bombed one of our warships.Emergency signal on the television. This is turning bad and quickly.The military is now mobilized and on the move. Looks like it's all going to hell at once.Steve Guttenberg is walking around by himself...that's never a good sign.FINALLY the Americans are on the attack.Missiles are being fired all over the place as everyone watches on.The mom in this movie is completely oblivious to the nuclear war going on outside and the husband has to move her to the cellar by force.The military guys are arguing about what to do and now there are nore missiles being launched.I love how all of these missiles are being launched and everyone is just standing around watching them like zombies.The sirens go off and now they're all moving. There's panic in the streets! We're all going to die!...yeah, I'm being sarcastic but if you weren't running before the sirens hit then you're an idiot in this scenario.All the power goes off and the cars and vehicles stop moving all at once.ATOMIC BOMB HITS THE CITY! HOLY CRAP!AMAZING visuals in this scene. All the peoplea re turning into skeletons! Atomic bomb test footage shown and the sky is filled with fire and orange colors. Everything is being turned upside down, broken, or thrown in the air. The destruction in this scene alone is unbeloevable.The next day everything is destroyed nd there's nuclear fallout. Bodies and rubble are everywhere and ash is falling from the sky.People are now wandering the destroyed ruins of the city now.John Lithgow and crew are trying to get out a radio broadcast while the hospital fallout shelter is ca complete madhouse. The main doctor character arrives and tells the others about what he saw.Finally one of the doctors figures out there was an EMP effect which is screwing with everything.Steve Guttengberg ends up with the farmer family and tells them about where all the missiles hit. Turns out he's the only survivor from the downtown area.The main doctor character is now wondering who's alive and who'd destroyed out of the world's major cities.Raiding parties armed with guns are now roaming about.Everyone is starting to go crazy because of the conditions.The idiot daughter runs outside and into the radiation with Guttenberg on her tail. He stops her and watns her not to stay out there and about the radiation being all around them. He points out the dead animals before chasing her back into the house.The people are now losing control and are acting like lunatics.A man talks about there being firing squads that are raping, looting, robbing, and killing people but the skeptic doctor doesn't believe it. There's ALWAYS a skeptic character in these movies.The people are turning into mobs.Its like the dark ages now.This movie is getting dark and depressing.Ends with more depressing post-apocalyptic scenes.

I'm going to give this 3 out of 5 stars. This movie really got good after the bombs dropped. Before that the story was really bland and stupid but the second half was really good.

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