Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skyline Review


This time I will be reviewing Skyline which I've heard was horrible. Hopefully that's true so I can rip into this movie.

Running Commentary -Night in Los Angeles and a bunch of blue orbs emitting light appear. A young couple is woken up by shaking and the lights.All the main characters are introduced and none of them have personalities. Why does that not surprise me?Already a party scene. Their starting off early with that in this movie.The one guy wants to hire the other guy to work for him but his woman is mad about it.Okay so she's mad at him and pregnant too.In the middle of the party the lights start to appear. People are getting drawn toward the lights like bugs to a bug zapper.The lights turn people into zombies. Weird.They decide to look out the window after Jared tells them what the lights do and one of them sees something down there.The guys go to check it out and the women only see an emergency channel on the television. That's never a good sign.On the roof the guys see more blue orbs coming down from the sky. Ships then hover down from the clouds above the orbs. This scene is pretty awesome.A ship comes after them but they escape from it into the building where they are hiding at.The aliens in this movie look cool but this camera scene is too much like War of the Worlds.Now their plan is to speed out of the building in the garage and go to the one guy's boat. This has epic fail written all over it.They go to escape and a giant robot creature attacks the first car. The thing kills two of them and shoots out some sort of organic soul sucking sucker type thing out of its arm.Why do the Alien machine creatures look like Cthulu Transformers?LA is now a ghost town because of what happened.Military is now fighting back against the alien creatures and losing.Now there's no water and the one guy wants to go steal a boat again but this time go quietly.The US Air Force is attacking the alien ships and shot a missile at the main ship. An atomic bomb goes off and the alien ship falls to the ground.They look again and the aliens aren't dead and all that attaack did was piss them off.The two main characters walk out and go to where the military is at to try an escape but the aliens blow up the helicopter and now the alien ships are attacking the Air Force and main characters again.Is there any point to why these aliens are attacking? There's no reason for any of this nonsense.Why is it that the main character guy can rip apart an alien head and the air force cant even do that to one of the aliens with a missile?What a stupid scene this is. Her boyfriend is dying and the woman is oblivious to the alien overlords attacking overhead. What overly melodramatic garbage.Scene ends with them kissing before getting sucked into the alien portal of death.Cue Day Three where the aliens are attacking New York City. The visuals are great but the entire alien invasion seems pointless at this point.Now it shows what's going on inside the alien ship. The aliens rip off the boyfriend's head but spare her because she is pregnant and gets sucked through a tube.The aliens are using human brains to control their monster robot creatures.The robot with her boyfriend's brain saves her and it ends with his controlled robot...what stupid garbage.

0 stars out of 5. If it wasn't for the visuals and the attack scenes this would've been a -5 on the scoring system. Worst alien movie I've seen in a long time.

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