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WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

This is the Heel Heat Review of WWE Night of Champions 2010.

-Good opening video. Short but made it seem like a big deal. Then the backstory videos start and they're pretty good. WWE always does a good job with these.

-Intercontinental Championship, Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston:

EXCUSE ME~! Fast paced start. Kofi clotheslines Dolph out to the floor. Vickie sends Kaitlin to the back. Roll up by Kofi. Leaping dropkick by Kofi. Kofi misses a corner splash. Reverse neckbreaker by Dolph. Camel Clutch by Dolph. Forearms by Kofi. Big Boot by Dolph. Leaping elbow drop by Dolph. Fame Asser by Dolph. Dolph in control. Top rope crossbody by Kofi. Thesz Press and punches by Kofi. Boom Drop by Kofi. SOS by Kofi. Apron leaping tackle followed by punches by Kofi. Body slam on the floor by Kofi. Sleeper Hold by Dolph. Kofi misses the Trouble in Paradise and Dolph hits the Zig Zag to win it. Great match.

-Edge backstage and says he is the ultimate opportunist and will walk out as champion.

-CM Punk vs. Big Show:

Punk gets a loud ovation. Punk says he loves Chicago but he hates and despises the inhabitants of Chicago who ruined his beautiful city and called them middle class teamsters, corrupt police officers, the horrible White Sox, the fast food homemakers, and they all make him sick. Says he's proud to be from here, the people are the scum of the Earth, and says Chicago should be burnt to the ground for a second time so he can rebuild it as a Straight Edge utopia. Says Show is Goliath and his slingshot is the power of almighty Straight Edge. This was great. Punks kicks have no effect. Show beating up Punk. Dropkick by Punk. Chest slap sends Punk to the floor. Kick to the head by Punk. Running knee from the apron by Punk. Diving Senton Splash by Punk. Top rope elbow by Punk. Punk in control. Top rope clothesline countered into a Spear by Show. KO Punch by Show wins it.

-Chris Jericho backstage. Says the GM knows that he's got a good track record in these types of matches and that's why he's in the match. Says he will win because he is the best in the world at what he does.

-United States Championship, The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan:

Excellent pre-match video. Crowd into both wrestlers. Starts off with chain wrestling. Early LaBell Lock attempt by Bryan. Dropkick by Bryan. Miz working over Bryan's arm now. Miz in control. Bow and Arrow by Miz. Miz continuing to go after the arm. Cheapshot by Riley. Shoulderbreaker by Miz. Miz tossed to the floor. Suicide Dive by Bryan. Missile Dropkick by Bryan. Series of kicks by Bryan. Running dropkick by Bryan. Kick to the head by Bryan. Leaping clothesline off the top by Miz. Miz going back after the arm. Back and forth action. Miz accidentally punches Riley. Bryan pulled out to the floor. Riley posted. Miz beating up on Bryan. LaBell Lock by Bryan for the win. Crowd loves it. Great match.

-Backstage with John Cena. Soon it becomes a comedy promo about percentages and totally isn't taking it seriously. Says you can never count him out.

-Divas and Women's Championship Unification Match, Melina vs. Michelle McCool:

This is a Lumberjills Match. McCool goes for an ambush but gets backdropped to the floor. Match goes to the floor and naturally the lumberjills do nothing but stand there. Nice hair takedown to the floor by McCool. McCool in control. Faithbreaker countered into an X-Factor. Comeback by Melina. Melina has the cover but ref distracted. Fight on the floor. Both women fall of the top turnbuckle to the floor. Again lumberjills do nothing until McCool starts a brawl. In the ring Layla attacks Melina but gets tossed outside. Big Boot by McCool wins it. LayCool celebrates as Melina is consoled.

-Wade Barrett backstage. Says he said the winds of change were coming and that will be more true after he wins the World Title tonight.

-World Heavyweight Championship, Kane vs. Undertaker:

Great pre-match hype video. Fight in the aisleway. Fight on the stage. Kane ounched against a pillar. Kane thrown into a pillar and off the stage. Choking by Taker. Big Boot by Kane. Kane thrown into barricade. Taker beating up Kane. Taker thrown into the ringsteps. Kane steps on Taker's head as it lays on the steps. Kane gets the title belt. Kane hits Taker in the stomach with it. Top rope clothesline by Kane. Kane in control. Triple corner Avalanche by Kane. Kane throws Takes onto the announce table. Table covering thrown at Taker. Kane thrown into the ringsteps. Apron leg drop by Taker. Kane clotheslined into the ring announcer/timekeeper area. Leaping tackle by Taker over the barricade into the timekeeper area. Steel chair to the ribs by Kane. Fight goes into the crowd. Turns into a brawl. Kane clotheslines Taker back into the ringside area. Leaping punch off the barricade by Kane. Kane in control. It's a fist fight now. Leaping clothesline by Taker. Corner avalanche by Taker. Snake Eyes and Big Boot by Taker. Chokeslam by Taker. Kane wins after a chokeslam. Liked it because it was kind of an out of control match which I like.

-Backstage with Randy Orton. Says he has nothing to say.

-WWE Tag Team Championship match, Tag Team Turmoil Match:

Starts off with the Usos and Hart Dynasty. Spinning arm drag by Kidd. Backbreaker/Top rope elbow double team by the Usos. Belly to belly throw by DH Smith. Springboard moonsault to the floor by Kidd to the Usos. Sharpshooter by Kidd. Jay Uso kicks Kidd in the head and pins him. New champions are guaranteed now. Kozlov and Santino out now. Hip toss by Santino. Headbutt by Santino. Battering ram headbutt by Kozlov. Santino shows Tamina how to do the Cobra by gets caught in a Samoan Drop and they eliminate Kozlov and Santino. Mark Henry and Evan Bourne are out now. Both teams trade the advanatge. Henry overpowering the Usos. Henry knocks Jimmy to the floor. World's Strongest Slam by Henry. Air Bourne by Bourne eliminates the Usos. Last team is Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. Suplex by Rhodes. McIntyre and Rhodes in control. Stomachbreaker by McIntyre. Camel Clutch by McIntyre. Elbow to the face by McIntyre. Rhodes beating up Bourne on the floor. Knees to the face by Bourne. Henry on the rampage. Avalanche by Henry. Kick to the head by McIntyre and Spinning kick by Bourne. Cross Rhodes by Rhodes wins it. McIntyre and Rhodes win the titles. Started off too quick but the final two teams did good.

-Alberto Del Rio hype video. "You are mentally constipated," lol. This was really good. I LOVE this character.

-WWE Championship Match, Six Pack Challenge Match - Sheamus vs. Edge vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho:

GREAT opening video with past World Champions winning the title. This was really good. Like how they then highlight each wrestler in the challenge match. Backstage with Sheamus. Says he's the WWE Champion because he wins, he wins every type of match there is, and tonight like every other night with a Brogue Kick and him leaving with the WWE Title. Biggest reactions are for Cena, Edge, Barrett, and Orton. Everyone attacking each other at the start. Barrett gets posted. Sheamus whipped into the barricade. Cena and Jericho showdown. Bulldog by Cena and an RKO by Orton eliminates Jericho VERY EARLY into the match. Unreal. Jericho is in shock and looks bewildered by what happened. Loud "Y2J" chants as he heads to the back. Everyone watching as he takes the lonely walk to the back. They're making a HUGE deal about this. The match is stopped. Now Barrett finds himself surrounded. They all attack him. Sheamus and Edge clothesline him to the floor. Goes back to everyman for himself after that. Orton and Cena confrontation. Heels beating up on Cena and Orton. Barrett is giving orders to Edge and Sheamus. They turn around and double elbow him. Dropkick by Cena...never seen that. Another Orton and Cena showdown. Barrett pulls down Orton and Edge who hit the apron which in turn clotheslines Cena and then turns around to get clotheslined by Sheamus. Sheamus in control and attacking everyone. Orton whipped into the barricade. Sheamus in control of Cena with everyone else down on the floor. Edge crotches Cena on the top which hurts his leg. Double superplex by Sheamus and Edge to Cena. Sheamus and Edge toss Barrett into the barricade. Edge and Sheamus now beating up on Orton. Nice double team tackle by Sheamus and Edge. Orton on the comeback until a double axehandle by Sheamus. Barrett knocked out to the floor. Now Edge and Sheamus are fighting. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Spear by Edge. Edge Spears Orton. Attitude Adjustment by Cena eliminates Edge. Barrett in control on Cena. Attitude Adjustment countered into a DDT by Barrett. Shoulder tackles, Side Slam, and Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena. Sheamus and Barrett clock heads. STF by Cena. Nexus runs out and Cena fights them off. Wasteland by Barrett eliminates Cena. Crowd loves it, lol. Nexus attacking Orton on the floor. Nexus surrounds Orton and Cena uses a chair on them. RKO rampage by Orton to Nexus. Inverted backbreaker by Orton. RKO by Orton eliminates Barrett. Crowd loves this too. Brogue Kick by Sheamus. High Cross escape and RKO by Orton wins it. Crowd loves this too. Pretty good match by their usual standards. This match was really good.

-Overall I liked this show. Nothing too bad about it and none of the matches were horrible. Good wrestling but they made the RAW World Title seem like a huge deal as opposed to the Smackdown World Title which barely got any segment time on the show.

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