Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WWE Over the Limit 2011 Review

-Memory of Macho Man graphic to start the show.

-Great opening video, as always.

-Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth:

R-Truth goes on a rant about not having a parking spot and Little Jimmy. Hurricanrana off the apron by Rey. Rey thrown into the ringpost. Truth takes control. Michinoku Driver by Truth. Truth pulls Rey using the post. Top rope bulldog by Rey. Springboard crossbody by Rey. Spinning elbow by Truth. Rey pulled down on the apron and crotched. Truth hits his finisher and pins Rey to win the match. Post-match Truth slams a bottle of water into Rey's head. This really wasn't all that good.

-Miz backstage. He goes on a rant, says he will prove everyone wrong again, and he has a gameplan.

-Intercontinental Championship, Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson:

Brawl at the start. Zeke takes control. Zeke tosses Barrett to the floor. Zeke dominating. Zeke thrown into the post by Barrett. Middle rope elbow by Barrett. Pumphandle Slam by Barrett. Comeback by Zeke. Bodyslam rampage by Zeke. Human Torture Rack by Zeke. The Corre attacks and he fights them. Spinning slam by Barrett. The Corre beats up on Zeke some more. This match was even worse than the first match. Pretty bad by normal standards.

-CM Punk and Mason Ryan backstage. They find McGillicutty and Otunga injured backstage. Punk was great here.

-Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero:

Mat wrestling. Headscissors takedown by Sin Cara. Spinning corkscrew plancha by Sin Cara. Headscissors takedown on the floor by Sin Cara. Moonsault by Sin Cara. Leaping knees to the face by Chavo. Dropkick by Sin Cara. Chavo in control. Springboard lepaing plancha to the floor by Sin Cara. Springboard hurricanrana by Sin Cara. Springboard elbow by Sin Cara. Leaping crossbody by Sin Cara. Botchheadscissors flapjack by Sin Cara wins it. This was better than everything else but still a mess. The botch ending didn't help much.

-Christian and Randy Orton backstage. Christian says he doesn't hold a grudge, is here to win his title, and Orton knows it too. Orton says Christian is a good competitor, he's beaten him before, and he will end Christian's feel good story.

-Alberto Del Rio out now. He is here to talk about destiny, thinks the immigration problem is disgusting, and he can easily make Cena or Miz tap out. Says it's only a matter of time before he is WWE Champion, his destiny cannot be stopped, and right as he's about to finish Big Show and Kane's music hits. Kane says he's already angry because of the rapture not coming yesterday and if Alberto doesn't leave his destiny is to get beat up like Otunga/McGillicutty. Del Rio leaves.

-WWE Tag Team Championship, Kane and Big Show vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan:

Ryan shoves over Kane. Ryan dominating Kane. Show stands on Punk's back. Ryan knocks around Show. Show and Kane take over on Punk. Leaping clothesline by Kane. Kane rammed into the apron. Knee to the head by Punk. Powerslam by Ryan. Bear Hug by Ryan. Punk misses the Macho Man Elbow Drop. Show on the rampage. Double clothesline by Show. Double chokeslam by Show and Kane wins it. This was MUCH better than anything else on the show thus far by a mile.

-Divas Championship, Brie Bella vs. Kelly Belly:

Headscissors by Kelly. Crossbody by Kelly. Stinkface by Kelly. Brie takes control. Thesz Press and punches by Kelly. Kelly on the rampage. Bulldog by Kelly. Twin Magic, Nikki Bella dominates Kelly, and pins her in short order. HORRIBLE.

-World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton vs. Christian:

Back and forth at the start. Missile dropkick by Christian. Orton backdropped to the floor. Leaping dropkick by Orton. Superplex by Orton. Spinebuster by Christian. Back and forth action. Slingshot tackle by Christian. Modified backbreaker by Orton. Reverse Boston Crab by Orton. Springboard Sunset Flip by Christian. Rope Hung DDT by Orton. Scoop Powerslam by Orton. Spear by Christian. RKO by Orton wins it. They shake hands after the match. This was the best match on the show BY FAR. No contest.

-Kiss My Foot Match, Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole:

Cole comes out in his suit limping. Says he is medically unable to compete and apologizes. He then reads his doctor's note. Lawler doesn't believe it. The ref doesn't either and rips it up. Jerry ambushes Cole. Jerry rips off Cole's suit. Dropkick by Jerry. Jerry pulled into the steps. Cole takes off his shoe and sock to reveal his ugly, infected foot. Cole thrown through the Cole Mine. Middle rope punch by Jerry wins it. Jerry starts taking off his boot. Eve Torres out now. Moonsault by Eve. Jerry has his boot off. Jerry calls out Jim Ross. JR pours barbecue sauce onto Cole's head. Cole heads to the back shaking his head in humilation. Cole grabs a mic and says he will never kiss Jerry's foot. Bret Hart out now. Cole begs off and backs toward the ring again. Sharpshooter by Bret. Jerry makes Cole kiss his foot while the Sharpshooter is applied. Total garbage.

-I Quit Match, John Cena vs. The Miz:

Miz grabs a mic and tells Cena that both he and Riley can get involved. Cena on the rampage. STF by Cena. Suplex by Riley. Side slam by Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena. Backbreaker/neckbreaker by Miz. Attitude Adjustment by Cena. Riley nails Cena with the briefcase repeatedly. Double powerbomb by Miz and Riley. Cena rammed into the barricade. Cena thrown into the steel portion of the barricade. Miz and Riley nail Cena with monitors. Cena whipped into the ringsteps. DDT on the steps by Miz. Riley drops the steps onto Cena. Miz using the kendo stick to nail Cena repeatedly as Riley holds him. Kendo stick shot to the head by Miz. Cena suplexed onto the steel stage. Riley holds Cena over a stage light as Miz whips him with a leather strap. Finally a comeback by Cena. Riley posted. Miz nails Cena in the back with a chair. Riley pushed into the ref. Reverse DDT by Miz. Skullcrushing Finale on a chair by Miz. Miz asks the kids with Cena shirts on in the front row if John should quit and they say never. Miz nails Cena in the head with the microphone. Cena says I Quit and Miz and Riley celebrate. The ref goes to get the belt and finds a tape recorder on the ground. He listens to it and says the match continues. Riley accidentally nails Miz with the title belt. Attitude Adjustment to Riley through the announce table. Cena lashing Miz with the belt as he tries to run to the back to escape. Miz quickly quits. What garbage.

-Overall this show sucked other than the World Heavyweight Championship match and the Tag Titles match.

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